January Creative Contemplations

Creative Contemplations

I feel like everyone is saying 2022 hasn’t really started for them until Feb … but kind of, yeah. January was a whirlwind of wrapping up a job (so many handover documents. SO. MANY.), mentally preparing to leave a place I had worked, across many different roles, since April 2014. Job hunting. Learning to quote a daily rate (I still have no idea if I did it correctly). Farewells via zoom. Thoughtful presents.

Some new shiny ideas:

And a lot of chicken rice paper rolls. And an upcoming new job, and heat wave. I apparently never do anything by halves.


Reading: I re-read Warcross and Wardraft in physical copy – I’d only had them as eBooks and felt they were better on paper.

Gaming: Challenge levels of Alien Isolation.

Watching: Current re-watch is Superstore, though I still haven’t seen the last season as it’s not on any streaming platform I have.

Creating: Snarky journals, apparently. And making up faux inspo sayings. That’s pretty fun.

Writing: Kind of sales copy, I guess? I’m not good at sales but I felt ok writing about the snarky journal because it was a random idea. I don’t know. So much to unpack about sales and selling and ….things I’d like to be good at but also hate everything I learn about it.


January Creative Contemplations

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