Switching My Brain Off

Switching My Brain Off

Four days. I have four straight days off from my day job, thanks to public holidays. I tell you what, I don’t much like Christianity but I’ll take the public holidays they give me.


But already my brain is swapping to “what can I get done?” mode. Why? Why do we do this to ourselves? I swapped jobs at the end of January, from a place I had been 7.5 years to an average short term contract job. I took two days off in-between – a four day weekend. Finished a job on Friday, started the new on on Wednesday. That wasn’t enough. I’ve regretted that ever since. No time to process the massiveness of the change and I’m still doing that processing in little bits here and there.


So why did I go to “must get done” mode? I can think of two reasons.


One: public holidays attract tourists to my area and anywhere I go to chill will be full of annoying humans, so I tend towards staying home on such weekends.


Two: Because I don’t want to be an employee anymore but the balance of chronic stuff and working full time means I’m permanently frustrated at my lack of progress towards working for myself.


What will I end up doing? Anyones guess.  I am trying to be aware of the post-covid research that’s coming out about NOT doing too much for quite some time after being positive. It’s why things like “use massager” are on my to do list each day, not “mentally slap self for not achieving enough and also why aren’t you exercising?”.


While I say I try to not be mean to myself about what I can/can’t, do/don’t get done, that’s WAY easier said than done.


Switching My Brain Off

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