April Creative Contemplations

Creative Contemplations

Project updates:

My Fictional Life With Kids: Need to fix up hosting. It’s annoying.

Totally Normal Dollhouse: Zero progress since I caught covid. Boo hiss to the plague.


This month I was:

Reading: All the Cassie Coburn novels.

Gaming: Got obsessively into high scores on Mini Metro+ …letting it run for hours to get a new level.

Watching: Rewatching Big Love.

I was rewatching titanic as background noise while I tackled the last of camp nano and got struck by the line “We are royalty, Rose”. It was capitalism starting. He was telling the truth.

Creating: Painting. Tidying up some canvases to reuse. I feel guilty about money and “waste” when it comes to a medium I’ve liked but never found my “thing” within it.

I was watching a talk on painting a few days ago and it was one of the few/first times that the person/topic didn’t bother me and I could finish the entire talk.

I don’t know exactly why this one didn’t bug me when it has generally been a 100% annoyance rate in the past but so far the only immediate idea I have is that it’s because it wasn’t school.  I feel like art in school was always someone yelling at you to be open about your feelings/telling you that you interpreted the wrong feeling from a thing … and no wonder no one wants to open up in an unsafe environment.

I’m also curious how grading impacts your ability to open up. Layers of judgement. Have always wondered at exactly what the value is of a creative education.

Writing: Camp NaNo. It needs to be its own post but I’ve done way less than my goal however learned a LOT and am counting it as a successful month.



April Creative Contemplations

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