Randoms 27

Randoms 27

First up, don’t catch covid, kids. I caught it in mid-late March when I was in the emergency department with Ben. I’ve had some level of fatigue for years, because living with chronic pain and discomfort (discomfort is the good days) is exhausting. But this post viral fatigue is next-level. I spent 1.5 hours mattress shopping yesterday – the stores were right next to each other and an easy drive from home. Was so exhausted from it I needed 5 hours in bed to be able to get up and eat dinner sitting up. If it wasn’t for my day job allowing me to work from home full time – I’d be unemployed and homeless from being unable to work. I know the word on the street is that covid is a flu and people think the flu is a cold but it’s not. It’s serious. And there’s nothing anyone can do for you when you get stuck with symptoms like I have. AND I had a 99% asymptomatic acute/iso phase. 


And on that note, I spent a lot of money on a mattress yesterday. My back had better bloody appreciate me. 


FYI: I do NOT recommend mattress shopping when you have.. a bad back, leftover dizziness from a sinus infection, and a busted ankle. Thoroughly unpleasant. 


Rounded out Friday of last week by watching Eva’s funeral. Just so bloody sad.


I can’t remember where I saw it or the new topic of the new book, but I am so glad Dr Price writes books. You may have seen their first major (or viral I guess?) essay Laziness Does Not Exist around the internet and the book written on that topic. I used to think those were the types of books I had to write. Rightly or wrongly, I no longer feel I need a reference list to justify my outlook(s) on life. And yet I’m glad these books get written, because some people will need that. 


I wrote somewhere on social media that I had started reading the Artists Circle and gave up as I really did not like it. But what it did do was confirm that my approach to things is not prescriptive. Some people may need prescription to help them get started in their creativity, and that is no more wrong than me not needing it. In fact, I can see some mirrors in prescription to the task initiation and momentum balance that ADHDers often need to use. 


I’ve never been a fan of inner city areas. Probably because of jobs and commuting and busy pushy stuff. Have always said that if I was going to live in a CBD, it would be Adelaide. Parklands and the houses in parts of the city were probably the main reasons I said that but one day recently my brain clicked onto a thought … I’ve been to uni in the Adelaide CBD but never worked in Adelaide CBD. Is that why I don’t mind it? It’s not “tainted” by work?


Randoms 27


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  1. Was just distracted by reading the Laziness Does Not Exist essay. I’m certainly a procrastinator. Not sure what my barrier is though. The fact I did my first writing course almost 20yrs ago is a testament to the fact I’ve talked about writing ‘something’ for a very long time and started several times but finished nothing.

    Sorry to hear you’re still struggling with the post-Covid effects. Touch-wood, I’ve been lucky so far, even despite my recent flights across the country.

  2. So sorry to hear that the dreaded covid has got it’s grips on you. It sounds beyond sucky and I really don’t understand how some people get almost no symptoms and waltz through it, and others struggle and get really sick. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. I’ve avoided it so far, but I know my luck will eventually run out – a friend of ours (who’s about 40) had it attack her heart and she ended up on life support in hospital for a week and now has a very long recovery ahead of her – it freaks me out when I think about it too hard! Look after yourself.

  3. Oh Covid and the flu…how awful. I am so sorry yours has continued to add the the already not nice conditions that not only wear you down but are wearying too. So sad about Eva, and you are a kind friend to have viewed this. Death ain’t fun but there seems to be no avoiding it..but hey, not these young people whose families need them. Awful.

    Thank you for kindly linking up your blog post for the “last, last lucky last” link up from Denyse Whelan Blogs.

    Bloggers such as yourself have made my day, week and month many times with your kindness, your care and sharing your stories too.

    I am grateful to have had such an opportunity to create and keep a great community of which you have been a valued member.

    I will still be blogging from time to time and I look forward to continuing connections where we might ‘meet’ again.

    Warm wishes,


  4. Hello Vanessa. I found your blog through a comment you left on Denyse’s blog. It’s nice to “meet” you. I’m sorry to hear you had COVID and are suffering the fatigue. I hear that from so many people who have had varying degrees of illness with COVID. They are just so exhausted. It’s not something to mess with, because you just never know how it is going to affect you. I hope you are enjoying your new mattress. As you pointed out, they are not cheap, but a good one can make all the difference. I hope yours does the trick.

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