Own your platforms!

A few months ago I had an idea to offer a content strategy/ideation type service on a particular platform. I wondered where I had gotten up to with it and logged into the platform. 


I was pretty impressed with how I was nearly done with the offer, so I decided to see if I could publish it. Why not? Right? It was an area of creative income I had been eager to explore. 


Got ALL the way to the end and then… “please take a forty minute test before you can publish this gig”. 


Fuck. That.


Forty fucking minutes? You have got to be fucking kidding me. For a site that doesn’t even guarantee any kind of income? I don’t work for free. 


Keep your work on platforms you own. It’s not worth investing in some of the ‘free’ public ones. 


Plus I don’t have a forty minute attention span and exams are ableist. 


That experiment went down the toilet pretty fast. Well slow I guess in some ways. I did start it about 4 months before I finished it. But that’s adhd for you. 

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