Cut Off

Cut Off

I feel cut off from everything. And you may say that makes sense… I am cut off. I am mostly housebound. I can get out enough to pick up medication and food, but not for anything else. Everything comes down to necessities. 


But while that is obviously fucking boring and often irritating, it’s not really the hard part. The hard part is being systemically disowned by the planet for not being able to plan or do things on a schedule. 


The thing is, I feel people look down on external validation. And there’s probably different categories of it that I don’t even have names for. I don’t need you to understand my illness, I need you to respect me and that I know what is best for me and the illnesses. 


Fatigue isn’t taken seriously. Fatigue is not a little bit of crappy tiredness. I cannot push through it.


I don’t care if you understand that, you are required to respect my experiences if you want to interact with me.


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Cut Off

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