Respect does not require understanding

This has become a theme for me. For me, it is in the context of my needs. My chronic health conditions disable me and I have needs due to that.


Fatigue is misunderstood not only by society but by lots of ignorant people in medical professions who won’t (I refuse to believe can’t is the word to use there) read current research that explains the most likely biological mechanisms behind the fatigue. 


But that’s ok (well, it’s not, but that would be a different blog post). You do not have to understand what someone is living through! You don’t have to put yourself in their shoes, steal their underwear, and do their job for them. No understanding is necessary! 


In exchange for you not having to bother to understand, I require respect. That means when I say I need X, or I cannot do Y … you do NOT get to argue. You shut up and you listen to what I say. I am the expert on me. You are not.


It’s really that simple. 


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Respect does not require understanding


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