The internet is my only home now

The internet is my only home now

The thing about becoming mostly housebound and struggling with synchronous communication is that it basically leaves social media as the place for my communication. 


I curate my social media HARD. I block, mute, unfollow very easily. It’s bullshit that you have to allow assholes in to avoid it being an echo chamber. And as if echo chambers don’t exist outside social media, I mean, fuck, you should hear the conservative lines people spout in the mining industry. You don’t get to curate your colleagues so if I can curate my social media, I’m sure as hell going to!


And because of that curation, my social media is generally a nice place to be. People I like, people I can talk to, people who can disagree without cruelty… it’s the little things.


But the combination of lower energy and no other place to talk to people means that I am incredibly sensitive and struggle with anything that gets any kind of difficult. 


Difficult can mean someone being a jerk, difficult can mean I didn’t explain something well (thanks lack of spoons and thanks brain fog) and I’m getting answers I don’t want to respond to. Sometimes difficult is a down vote on socials for having a non offensive opinion, it just varied from someone else’s views. 


“Grow a thick skin then!” 


Why, thank you! I had never thought of that. But I have no layers of resilience to resiliate against the internet. My resilience is now for survival and pushing my body to squeeze some energy out of its broken energy cells to live. 


There is no point to this post. No wise outcome. No “thought leader” content. This is a new reality that I’ve had to adjust to. And some days I am adjusting badly to it. That’s a reality for you. 


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The internet is my only home now

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