Recently, I feel like I’ve lost track of what my priorities are. I am finding life too distracting. I know my goal is to work for myself. I also have some personal goals like healthy living.


This will sound fairly depressive, but I feel like I’m failing in all aspects! I’m just not depressed about it.


I need time.

Time to rest, relax, find a type of exercise that I enjoy. Time to work on my businesses, find a cost-effective marketing method for the types of businesses I’m starting.


Time away from the mind-numbing hum drum ‘issues’ of my day job. Time away from spending three hours a day commuting.


Time away from family and friends coming to me with their problems.

I feel like having just a little time away from these things will let me look at my priorities, and that my path will become a lot clearer. I will know what needs doing first. I will know which areas need more effort than others. I will have priorities.


But first I need to find a way to shut out that constant background hum that is life.


How do you manage your priorities? What way to you find to have a little bit of peace, to step back and evaluate your life & goals?

2 Replies to “Priorities”

  1. Today I’m managing my priorities by taking a day off paid work, for what my husband calls a “personal admin day”. There’s all the little bits a pieces that get shoved aside! So today is the day!

    1. I think if more workplaces offered the time or flexibility to do personal things, they would actually retain more staff! And with technology, we should be able to work half days from home in most jobs and still have time to ourselves for personal activities.

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