Workplace Wellness Programs

The place I work my day job has a lot of Workplace Wellness Programs – there is even a free on-site gym. People get health activities (eg attend gym twice a week) put into their performance and planning reviews.


On the surface, I am for this. Companies need to promote health in their employees – espeically ones that are office based. But at the same time, people have suggested these activities to me. I’m a contractor, not a permanent employee, so I don’t have performance reviews in the same manner. But they do have an attempt at inclusion for anyone working in the same location. Two things have been suggested to me so far.


The Work Gym:

I was told that even though I’m a temporary member of staff, I am allowed to access the company gym. I said that’s fine, but my gym is 2km from my house and overlooks the ocean. I said that I would rather pay for that (my gym is quite cheap) and have a great view than go to a free gym where I would stare at the reflection of another office building & watch people sitting in their chairs.



It was also suggested to me that I could take a longer lunch and walk at lunchtime. I have never liked these ideas. I’m all for fitting exercise into your day (and I am not the greatest at this!) but I dislike exercising in direct sunlight. Add into the mix the summer temperatures here and risk of skin cancer for being outside in the middle of the day & I just don’t like this option.


I feel a bit bad for refuting all of their offers, but when it comes down to it, work is not my life. I think the work gym suits the people who like working long hours and who don’t have a long commute.

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  1. I do the same thing at my job; I’ve found a nice spot across the street to do my martial arts training. I can’t just sit around on my breaks because I’m doing a good portion of that throughout the day already:)

    1. I get very restless at work, I’ve always been one to go walking at lunch (even if it’s just to an air conditioned mall) but in summer it’s just too hot. And the sitting makes me even more restless!

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