I’m ba-ack!

I haven’t blogged in a week. Maybe two. I was tired, sick & a bit depressed (from being tired & sick).

I feel better now. I slept 10 hours on Friday night & also slept until 8am both Saturday & Sunday. That is awesome for me. My body clock feels a little worse for wear today, but all in all, the sleep caught me up & fixed the last of my sickness.


In other news, I was walking around at lunchtime today in the rain when my umbrella decided to break. I was only a block from the mall & it wasn’t raining too hard, but I decide to stay under the umbrella anyway. I gave a guy a good laugh when he saw me adjusting & standing under my sad little broken umbrella. But it meant I got to buy a new one. It’s not one of the cool ones I wanted on eBay, it’s just a Target standard one, see:

*imagine an umbrella*


I’m typing this on the train home from work and my shoe is making farting noises because of how it’s resting. Thought you should know that.

*photo of shoe to come*


I have a craft post soon. I hope you like it. It would make a great gift.


I was convinced the other day that I was going to get a $75 Coles Myer voucher. I had it all spent in my head. It didn’t eventuate. Bit of a bummer.


I’m obsessed with stalking BWS for markdowns. My friend gave me this tip a few months ago: alcohol with fruit flavoring has to have a best before date & BWS mark it down when it’s close to that date. Significantly mark it down. I’m talking $25+ bottles of drinks for $8-10. Such a bargain.

Of course, because I only buy alcohol if it’s marked down, I get lots of strange stares from staff when I walk around then leave without buying. They think I’m casing the joint. Nope, I’m not a thief, I just don’t like spending money on unimportant things. Like alcohol.

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