Actions for 2013

I’m staying away from the words goal & resolution where I can. If I think of these as actions, I’m already one step closer to doing them. The word action implies I’ve already decided and agreed on these exact things, rather than goal, which is more ambiguous to me.


  • Exercise 3x a week – three is easily achievable & I don’t care if it’s just walking, I need to get moving again & I know I always feel better when I’m active. I want it to be a habit again.


  • Keep to my blogging schedule – I still have no desire to blog as a pro, but I’ve met wonderful people through this blog & twitter. I’d like to increase what I share to help others out. I would also like to have site stats around 200 views per month, but that’s just an icing on the cake thing.


  • Save for 2013 ProBlogger conference – I followed the hashtag all three days of the 2012 conference & was amazed at everything I learned. I know I don’t want to be a pro blogger, but I learned so many things I’m implementing in my businesses – totally unrelated to blogging. I just loved the feeling of inspiration & independence. And if I got all that from just the hashtag, then I can’t wait to see the in-person value!


  • Write my book on diabetes – we have been through so much health-wise in the past two years & I want to share that journey with others. It’s so detailed & with diabetes on the increase I also want to explain the basic misdiagnosis that screwed up our lives so that it doesn’t happen to others. And I also want to use my husband’s amazing efforts to prove you can conquer these illnesses. Though I’m not looking forward to reliving some painful times. I’ve collected my 2011 diary (private Livejournal) entries on living through the illness, but I haven’t documents much of 2012s issues for us.


  • Travel – Ben’s health & our choice for him to focus on health rather than working has meant money has been very tight for the past two years. It’s worth it in the long run but it’s meant scrimping to survive & we haven’t had so much as a weekend away in over two years. I’ve never been in one place this long & I need to travel!


  • Keep an organized house – I’m not a naturally tidy or organized person but I do acknowledge how much easier it is to clean when things have a place.


  • And, inspired of course by twitter, I want 2013 to be about adventure for me. It doesn’t have to be big. I want the word adventure in my head to make me try new things.

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