Wednesday Food Post – Devil Eggs & a Tip!

The other weekend I had an excess of eggs in the fridge and a family picnic.


So I decided to make devilled eggs for the first time. Now, I can’t follow a recipe so I cooked as I always do – look at a few recipes online and then make it up.


But I didn’t know what to carry them in. I googled it. Nothing apart from shopping results – and I didn’t have time or want to go buy a special devilled egg holder. I looked on the¬†beautiful, ever faithful Pinterest for ideas. Nothing?!


I had to come up with my  own idea:


Put your eggs in a muffin tin!
Put your eggs in a muffin tin!


Muffin tins work perfectly to carry devilled eggs! I put them in cupcake patty pans so they’re easy to serve at a picnic too.


Do you have any home serving tips for picnics?

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