Bright Monday – ReUse

Today I went for quick & easy.


I did a few big loads of laundry last night, but fell asleep before they were out of the dryer. Which meant by the time I crawled off the couch & into bed at 11.30pm, Ben was putting the clothes away while I was mentally cursing him for having the light on. Even though he was doing it to be helpful. I was tired.


Anyway, as my goal is not to stay in corporate work, I’m refusing to buy new work clothes when I need them. (My recent jackets don’t count, bright orange isn’t really corporate!) But the advantage of this is that I don’t have many clothes to choose from when I’m getting dressed for work. I only own one pair of black work pants – so the bottom half is the same every day. Easy!


I have a collection of a few “work” tops (most of them starting to fall apart a bit, but oh well), so most of the time getting dressed for work comes down to whatever items are clean.


I’m having some particularly bad Mondayitis today (which I’m planning to cure with bacon, eggs & V when I get to work), so I went with a reuse of last week’s outfit: orange jacket & orange flats.




And if you look at this one, you can see I have bruises on my arms from lugging furniture this weekend:




I’m going to take today easy (if I can, my day job is a tad unpredictable for quiet vs insane days).


How do you fight Mondayitis?


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