My Brain, Part 2

Also known as Waiting, part 1.


Yesterday I explained what happened after tests I had last week.


I had bad dreams last night. Not about brain surgery or anything, but about ProBlogger Event! I was at the wrong hotel, I couldn’t find my way to the right one…I woke up well before dawn all stressed out. And it took me a lot of tossing & turning to get back to sleep.


Though I distinctly remember eating yogurt covered blueberries in the dream & loving them, so that’s something I need to look into making. I don’t recall a taste in the dream, but I know they were great.


Also, I’m really looking forward to the Pop Up event I was invited to & I’m scared I won’t be able to go now!! Have to wait for results to know I guess. My GP didn’t say to stop doing anything…


I was saying to Ben this morning that I feel like my GP was being much more serious about the need for re-scanning me than the radiologist’s report feels. He was with me & doesn’t think the GP was being too serious. In that situation, I’d probably trust him over me, since I don’t know if I was in shock or not.


I’m not even sure if I had read the radiologists report when I blogged yesterday – I just had to get it out & tell people. I don’t know how people can keep things bottled up.


The report states that they have found calcification, which can be from past trauma.


Um, yeah, I do have past head trauma!! I fell down a set of amphitheatre steps in year 6 or 7 & bashed myself up good – it’s a freaking miracle I didn’t lose my teeth. I couldn’t eat or lick or suck because of the swelling and had to have food liquidised & droppered into my mouth for about a week. So yeah, there’s some good head trauma for you!!


I also broke a ceramic soap holder with my head once, in the shower.


And tripped on an overhead projector in early primary school & bashed my face & teeth up then too.


Head trauma? Tick!


So, that seems highly likely to me – calcification from past injury.


If it is one of those tumours? Well from what I’ve read, most of them just stay in there & you get annual scans to keep an eye on it. Easy.


If it is a naughty one, and the odds are something like 8%, I guess that will be dealt with when I come across it.


So, logically speaking, I have nothing to worry about, right? Or am I being too logical & bad results will shock me badly?


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4 Replies to “My Brain, Part 2”

  1. Just catching up on your “head” news… no I don’t think you’re being too logical. I think what you’re saying about all the signs pointing to not-serious sound reasonable!
    But still! Must have been a shock to your system. Hope all goes ok. x
    I’ve just spent a while googling the QT hotel… it looks pretty on street view and I worked out where it is. But I also worked out I can’t afford to stay even at a cheap place down there so looks like I’ll be driving every day! :p

    1. I think there’s this expectation that you spend the waiting time re-evaluating your life dramatically…but I still already know what I want to do and what I don’t want to do, so there’s not really much to think about I guess.

      There’s always shared dorm rooms haha.

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