Day 6

Day 6 – Tuesday 14th Feb 2012


Wii Fit Plus
134 cal


BMI – 33.99
WEIGHT – 104.1kgs
Measured at 22:16


I also had a rather large day of running between places for meetings, and walked an estimated 4km. I put that into the Wii Fit activity log as 1 hour of moderate exercise and it came up as 328 cal. So total calories today should be 462.


I haven’t exactly been “dieting”, as in denying food (which is usually the context of dieting that people use), I’ve been continuing my usual eating & trying to avoid extra food… Like chocolate 🙂


Still, I feel vaguely disappointed that in nearly a week, I haven’t seen an improvement. Yes, all exercise is good for you though, so keeping on with it.


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