My Brain

Last Monday I felt like shit. I ended up getting a CT scan of my head done to see if my sinus’ were causing the pressure/congestion I felt in my head.


I took this morning off work to go see my GP for the results.


And I have to go back for a dye based test. They’ve seen a calcium deposit in my head & need to do a test to make sure it is calcium & not a tumour.


If it is a tumour, this is the type they suspect. As you can see, most people live with it & it doesn’t do anything to them.


Still, I was already feeling down today, so really, going to the GP who tells you to get checked out for a brain tumour…way to top off feeling down!


I’m scheduled to get my scan done on Wednesday, with results a day or two later. So maybe by Friday I’ll know if I have something wrong with me.


I don’t really know what I think about it. I don’t think there is much to think about at this point. I’ve also worked in medical, so if it was huge or risky then I know I would have been called in quicker for a re-scan to clarify; as opposed to just showing up a week later for results.


I woke up tired & frustrated with the doldrums of being a 9-5 worker & I pretty much just feel the same now anyway!


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