My Brain, Part 3

Today was Test Day.


Yep, with capital letters.


Being the perfect patient that I am, I spent all of Tuesday drinking water. And all of today so far too. My toilet & I are best friends. (TMI? Eh, you’ll live. You drink a lot, you pee a lot.)


The test was pretty similar to the one I had last Monday. In fact, the radiologist remembered me! I’m going to say that 3 CT scans in 9 days is a lot. Surely I’m radioactive & due superpowers by now, right?


This test required contrast dye to be inserted with an IV. A scan would be taken before the dye is injected and one after. Pretty simple. Apart from the fact I am a stone.


Yep. No one can get blood out of me. Whenever I have to have blood tests, it inevitably involves digging around in my arm to find the damn blood. I’m lucky I’m not scared of needles!! I actually usually get a bit bored, so I stare off into space while they’re stabbing me, and then I worry the sample collector because they think I’m going to pass out.


Well, it turns out I’m no different when it comes to having a cannula inserted. The radiologist strapped up one arm and had me dangle it off the CT bed, opening & closing my fist constantly. Nope, she couldn’t find any sign of life in me. So she left my right arm doing that and did the same with my left arm. Back and forth a few times, trying to find some sign that I have internal workings.


In the end she kept returning to one place by my left elbow. And success!! After some digging, the cannula was inserted. I then had my head strapped down to ensure a clear scan. Some ins and outs of the CT machine and the radiologist came back in and inserted the dye. Having been very allergic all morning (damn you, Spring!) I was worried I’d have a reaction to the dye, but it was fine. Another go at the ins and outs of the CT machine and done!!


I can pick up the scans later today and the report will be sent to my GP within 24 hours. So I’ll go see him tomorrow afternoon and we’ll learn if I have scar tissue or a tumour.


I’m still not sure if I’ve convinced myself it’s nothing too easily, but it still seems logical. Hopefully I’ll be back here tomorrow afternoon with good news to share.


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  1. I’m sure you’ll be fine x

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