Catch Your Dreams

My current obsession is Parks and Recreation – I don’t like to talk about shows on the internet usually because I stay spoiler-free for tv shows and most people don’t seem to respect that! (I’ve seen are seasons 1-4 – this post will talk about these seasons so if you haven’t seen them and don’t want to be spoiled, please STOP READING NOW!) I love the show for many reasons, but rather than just squee like a fangirl I wanted to post the lyrics to a song from the show.


Catch Your Dreams - Mouse Rat Lyrics

You can download the song and watch the video here. Again, SPOILERS IF YOU WATCH THE VIDEO.

Here are the lyrics to “Catch Your Dream”:

(I have no idea what disclaimer is needed here, so: Not mine, owned by, well I don’t know who, but not mine, not trying to steal, just want to talk about it.)

Catch Your Dream (and Shackle it to Your Heart)

Catch your dream and shackle it to your heart
Catch your dream, don’t let it spread its wings and fly away
Catch your dream, don’t ever let the quittin’ start
You gotta catch your dream and shackle it to your heart

We got a dream, we’re gonna chase it
And catch it by the tail
Throw it into a cage and make it our own
Just got one shot, we’re gonna take it, gonna shoot that bad boy down
Gonna bag that beautiful beast and drag it on home

And you can catch the wildest dream you dare
Grab your camo and ammo, we’re loaded for bear
You gotta…

(repeat chorus)
2nd Verse:

That dream is big, won’t go down easy.
It’s gonna struggle to break free
Until we beat it senseless with courage, hope and will
We’re gonna make it rue the day, that it had the nerve to fly away
As hand in hand we close in for the kill.
Cuz it’s not enough to simply want a thing
You’ve got to crush its soul and clip its wings

(repeat chorus)

Some of you might not make it back alive
But the meat is gonna taste sweet to us, the lucky few who are strong enough to survive


Cuz it’s not enough to simply catch that dream
You gotta grab that dream and catch your dream’s dream.

(repeat chorus)

You gotta gut it and stuff it and mount it on your heart


Now, this song is for a comedy show, but the lyrics struck a chord (pun intended) with me. More specifically, with the Sparks talk from ProBlogger Event in 2012. I wasn’t there (just obsessively following it on twitter), but it was a speech by Darren Rowse of It was about paying attention to the ideas that come into your mind, as you never know when inspiration will hit. It was an incredibly popular topic, and a few others blogged about it here and here. I love the parts of the lyrics about grabbing ideas and making it yours.


When was the last time a song really spoke to you? How do you go about catching your dreams?


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21 Replies to “Catch Your Dreams”

  1. I’ve been trying to think of a song that spoke directly to me lately, and can’t think of any! My husband is particularly obsessed with Zac Brown Band’s “Goodbye in her eyes”, I think it has hit a chord with his past.
    But I do love when that happens – turn it up and put in on repeat!
    PS must watch Parks & Rec.

    1. Yep I’ve been living with songs on repeat & learning the lyrics so I can learn to play them 🙂 And yes, Park & Rec is a must-see!

  2. I’m all about theme songs, mine changes weekly. Sometimes I think my life really is a musical and I need a sound effects person following me around. Gorgeous blog.

    1. haha wouldn’t that be an awesome thing to have – a personal sound person!? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The theme song I liked most was from Smallville, “Save Me” by Remy Zero. It’s how I feel when things don’t go my way. 🙁

    “Somebody save me
    Let your waters break right through
    Somebody save me
    I don’t care how you do it
    Just save, save
    Come on
    I’ve been waiting for you “

    1. Oh I can relate to those lyrics a lot! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. i get the song thing – totally. That song home by phillip phillips has my heart at the moment and every time I hear it it just reminds me of my family xx

    1. Songs have such powerful memory recall sometimes too.

  5. Love Parks and Recreation. Ron Swanson is my hero. If my name were Tammy, I’d divorce my husband and marry him.

    1. Haha love it!

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  7. Lydia c lee says: Reply

    Ha! I posted about P&R this week too – they must be getting deep in season 4!
    I also love Ron Swanson!

    1. It’s such a good show 🙂

  8. I’ve always felt that Unwell by Matchbox Twenty is my theme song. Especially during my worst moments.

    Also on the spoiler thing..some people are so fucking bad with it. I mean you can comment on a show without flat out saying ‘oh x character just killed y character’.

    1. I know! I bought the last Harry Potter book early in the morning (naturally) and was on the bus home with it to start reading when I overheard some kids who had been to the store & looked at the back of the book to see what happens. Man, if looks could kill…I was living with my MIL at the time and no one has ever seen me that angry!

  9. I don’t know that show…maybe it could be our next obsession! Thanks for sharing for #sunshinesundays 🙂 x

    1. I got obsessed with it pretty fast haha.

  10. Love Parks and Rec! And it’s so true, you just never know when inspiration will strike! 🙂

    1. I think that’s what’s so good about inspiration – it can find you!

  11. I’ve never heard of that show, so no problem about spoilers for me. There are so many different songs throughout my life that could be my theme song at various times. Songs that still evoke certain memories still to this day. Of course it’s way too early in the morning at the moment and I can’t think of any of them on the spot! 🙂

    1. Haha I can never think of anything when I want to 🙂

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