Too Many Ideas

Too Many Ideas

I get ideas all the time. And they always seem better than the ideas I’ve had before.


I’m (slowly) learning to not just jump from one thing to another – especially as everything in life takes time.

Too Many Ideas


I came  up with a great idea last night. The only problem is that it would be very time consuming.


But I had to capture it. I had to take notes of the idea, the different ways to implement it and even random and weirdly specific details about it. Now I’m going to ignore it. It’s not for me. At least not right now.


I sometimes wonder if those type of ideas should be shared. Should be given to someone else who could run with it and make it work. Is it selfish to keep it to myself?


How do you keep track of new ideas? Do you try and make them work, or leave them for a better time or place (or person)?



4 Replies to “Too Many Ideas”

  1. I’m not a big ideas person but I do have lots of THOUGHTS. Always think of stuff, then thinking I should tweet that, or write about that, and then POOF the thought is gone! I need to get better at writing stuff down I think 🙂
    Not sure about you sharing you ideas – it’s not nice to think of it, but what if someone profited improperly from one, or ripped you off without acknowledgment? But then again the world needs more sharing 🙂

    1. Sharing is caring…I feel like I’m on some kids show haha. I think if you have any hesitation about giving an idea up then it’s not for you to give up!

  2. My brain is crazy with lots of ideas. I was severely anemic for several years which was incredibly frustrating, I was too tired to do much with all these ideas! But now I’m enjoying full health – watch out world!

    1. Watch out indeed! Good luck with your ideas 🙂

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