A Catch Up With Friends

Food bloggers, switch browsers now. I’m going to be talking about something so hideous, so unthinkable, un-platedly uncool that you heads might not be able to cope.

That’s right, I went to Sizzler!!

Some friends & I were long overdue for a catch up, and since we’re spread out around SE Qld we decided to meet in the middle after work. And the laziest option – Sizzler Logan.

Here are my stomach-churning combinations:


Sizzler Salads












Sizzler Cheese Bread
We somehow ended up with three plates of cheesy bread over the evening.











Sizzler Beef and bacon
This was the most disgusting and yummiest part.













Sizzler leafy salads










None of us had been to Sizzler in years and I can sort of see why now! None of the food was bad, but it tasted a lot more bland than I had remembered.

Are you a Sizzler fan? Or a buffet fan in general?

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  1. I love a good buffet but sizzler is so over priced now. We have a sports club that we go to that is $20 for the buffet and it has a supervised kids room so we go there instead. It almost feels like a kid free night out because we hardly see Dyllan!

    1. There used to be an amazing buffet in my area – about the same price as Sizzler but sooo good. Sadly they turned it into an a la carte place instead. I’ll have to look at local clubs, I didn’t even think of those haha.

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