Tips for Making Gingerbread Houses

Attempt 1 Gingerbread House

I made Gingerbread Houses for the first time on Saturday. And by “made”, I mean “assembled” and “decorated”.

Gingerbread Village Box
The unrealistic standard has been set before you even open it.

There are instructions on how to make each one. And how to use the icing packet.

One of the instructions is “snip the tip”.

I’m not making this up.

Flat Gingerbread

You will start to be discouraged straight away.

This is how the gingerbread village arrives. You’re supposed to snap along the lines.┬áThis is where the discouragement begins, because reality sinks in as you realise the entire village will crumble and your dreams will be dashed before they begin.

Snapped Gingerbread

Then, your hopes will be raised by the fact that the snapping along the lines worked!

But here come the real tips:

Attempt 1 Gingerbread House

Choose the simplest one and volunteer to go first. Everyone will be mightily impressed by your bravery and skills.

Gingerbread Fortress

Then you will stop taking this seriously (if you even did to begin with) by turning your gingerbread house into a fortress.

Other tips:

Icing can be called: sauce and/or glue.

I am so upset I didn’t see Eden’s post about smashing Gingerbread Houses before I made this. I would have recorded it and posted it here. So you’ll just have to imagine it.

Do you make Gingerbread Houses? Do you demolish them?

What’s your best tip for making or decorating gingerbread houses?

4 Replies to “Tips for Making Gingerbread Houses”

  1. I had my first go at work – we had a team competition. I piped some icing, fucked it up and gave up. I have no idea how people make them so well! I do like your tip about going first though, horizontal areas are easier than vertical ones too, that would be my tip.

    1. The curvy roof bits to ice…yeah give up on those! I think you either have a knack for it or not. I’ll sit in the “not” category.

  2. Well done… you did better than me… my gingerbread kit is still in the box on my kitchen bench!

    1. Haha if it wasn’t part of a get together with friends I doubt any of us would have done it!

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