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All About Skulls

It’s true. I recognise people by the shape of their skulls. Before you think I’m an incredibly morbid type of emo, I blame my education. I spent an entire semester playing with learning from skulls (casts and real ones).


I also spent a semester studying bricks of South East Queensland but that was much more boring than skulls.


All About Skulls


So it was kind of trained into me. It’s not my fault!


We were watching EuroTrip last night and debating who someone looked like. Then I realised it was someone I met a few weeks ago – at the time I thought they had a very American looking face.


Now, that in itself doesn’t sound too creepy. But just picture this: a casual catch up at a friends house. Some people you know. Some people you don’t know.


And off to the side, talking to the dog, is this mostly antisocial/introvert/lazy person who is thinking about your skull.


Creepy now?


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9 Replies to “All About Skulls: LaughLink”

  1. I wonder what you’d think of my skull? I have a really small head, I’m not joking. I can never get a hat to fit me. Is it a reflection of my brain size? My kids have normal sized heads. It’s terrible because I really can’t afford to put on weight or I look like a complete pinhead!

    1. Mine’s a big one. I have to shop in the men’s department if I want a hat. There’s no such thing as one size fits all hats for me.

  2. Bit scary but as long as you are just thinking about skulls in general and not crushing skulls we are ok – aren’t we?!

    1. It’s purely academic! I have no desire to squish it to see it in person… 🙂

  3. My wife’s cousin told me recently that she has to cut her husband’s hair because the shape of the back of his skull is so unusual that hairdressers can’t handle it. Obviously he would be someone you yourself would never forget if you met him.

    Of course, whenever I hear the word “skulls”, I think of the movie The Skulls, starring Joshua Jackson (aka Pacey from Dawson’s Creek). How they managed to make three of those movies, I’ll never understand!

    1. There were three of those movies? I’ve heard of the first one but didn’t know there were two others.

  4. I do believe your onto something hear. I can tell the race of a person just by looking at the back of their heads. I know – it’s a special gift.

  5. Umm just a wee bit creepy. I have a long slim(ish) face – what does this say about me!!! x

  6. Have you read ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn? The guy talks about the shape of his wife’s skull a lot – he says it reminds him of a piece of corn haha.

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