Laugh Link: Blood Orphans

Our terribly small, tacky and corny local agricultural show was on this weekend, so we went along for the evening on Friday. Mostly just for the fireworks, because fireworks are awesome.


On the way out, we were watching rides and noticed these heads hanging from a ride:

Redcliffe Show Hanging Heads


Being highly mature adults, we stood there giggling and saying BLOOD ORPHANS in low voices, just like this part of a Parks and Rec episode:


Blood Orphans Parks and Rec

Source. Parks and Rec not mine. But is awesome.

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Vanessa Smith


  1. We’re going to our incredibly corny show for the first time in about twenty years for me. I’ll look out for Blood Orphans 🙂

    • They’re so terrible haha. The person formally opening the show forgot to open the show!

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