Comfort Lifestyle: Christmas Gift Guide Edition

Comfort Lifestyle: Christmas Gify Guide Edition

While we’re not a a huge Christmas family, I hear a lot of people talking about gifts and what to get. And that’s really the hardest thing to decide. You want them to like it (not fake like it) and you want it to fit into your budget. Today I thought I would try and make this a little bit easier for everyone by doing a round up of gifts.


I thought about this post a while back, and when I started looking around for good ideas, I felt stuck and like I was looking at the same old retail stores that are in every shopping centre. So I put a callout on Sourcebottle and had an unbelievable response. I’ve selected just a few that really stood out to me personally to share with you here.


Comfort Lifestyle: Christmas Gify Guide Edition


I have not been paid or gifted any of these products, these recommendations are based on my opinions after looking at company websites. As such, please direct queries about any of these products to the retailers themselves.


Enjoy the Christmas Gift Guide!


My ChocPrice Range: from $8.95 plus postage

My Choc Christmas Bear
Image Source

My Choc allows you to create your own chocolate bar. They so many options available that there are over 30 million possible unique chocolate bars you could make. The mind boggles! You can get them in heart or bar shapes, so maybe keep this one in mind for Valentine’s day too!


My Sweets Paradise – Price Range: $8.99-$11 plus postage

Sweets Paradise
Image Provided

My Sweets Paradise is a company who caters for food allergies in baking. You can purchase cake pre-mixes that cater for gluten free, dairy free, egg free or vegan. So if you have a family member who you usually struggle to cook or gift for because of allergies, this fills your need really well.


Knotlace – Price Range: $12.95-$39.95 (free postage within Australia)

Image Source

Knotlace is a product that lets you wear a custom piece of jewellery every single day. It can be a necklace, bracelet, hair accessory and even a decorative belt. Perfect for outfit changes throughout the day or for travel.


Beer CartelPrice range: from $30 per month

Beer Club Image Xmas Catalogue
Image supplied

Beer Cartel’s Beer Club intrigued me immediately. While I’m not a huge beer drinker, I do like to try new drinks. Usually for me that means looking through the discount bin in the local alcohol warehouse, but I think this is a much simpler (and probably classier) option. You can subscribe to a monthly 6 or 12 pack, with a variety of payment options and durations.


EcoChici Price range: from $22

ecochici wrapping

ecoChici is a great idea – reusable & stylish gift wrapping. I love the idea of this, and think it’s a perfect way to do gifts within your family – that way you can make sure that what goes around is coming around!


Scrubba – Price range: $64.95 (free postage within Australia)

Scrubba wash bag
Image Provided

The Scrubba Washbag is a cool travel device that cuts down your washing to between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. The thing I love about travel devices is that they are usually super-efficient and super-durable, which means they work well in daily life as well as for travel.


OzHarvest – Price range: $60 (free postage within Australia)

OzHarvest Cookbook
Image Provided

OzHarvest is an amazing charity which takes perishable food from commercial outlets and delivers it to charities who support vulnerable people. They have a cookbook full of family friendly recipes available for purchase.


Glow Pear – Price range: $199 (limited time free postage within Australia – metro areas)

GlowPear Laneway Rooftop
Image Provided

Glow Pear aim to make gardening simple and possible in any environment with their self-watering planter. I think this is a great idea, especially for those who live in apartments or don’t have a yard.


Storksak – Price range: $499.99 (plus postage)

Storksak Sofia Taupe
Image Provided

Storksak are a baby bag company who have a difference that appeals to me greatly – they don’t really look like baby bags! I’ve been snooping around them and other baby bag brands for a while as I try to find something that reliably stands up to a lot of use.


I hope you’ve found something that you or someone you’re shopping for will like!


20 Replies to “Comfort Lifestyle: Christmas Gift Guide Edition”

  1. Nice list – especially liked the scrubbie thing 🙂 This year I ordered my gifts from etsy – I got a heap of gorgeous linoprints from a (almost) local artist for a very reasonable price. Woo hoo – I am supporting the arts!

    1. I love the justification of buying camping type things in case power goes out for a while with summer storms haha. And Etsy is such a great place to find gifts.

  2. I’ve just ordered a copy of the OzHarvest book, it looks great and it’s a great cause. I’m totally keeping it not giving it away though!

    1. Oh that’s awesome, enjoy it Emma! You’ll have to share some photos online of what you cook from it 🙂

  3. It sure is getting closer and I’m enjoying these suggestions. If I lived in the city I’d love Glow Pear flower troth! Wow!
    I also am a Stork Sak fan. The leather is divine!

    1. If I lived in an apartment I would be all over the Glow Pear! As it is I have half the stuff to start a garden at home, just need to keep my dog out of it haha. Maybe I do need a Glow Pear.

  4. Yes I have found some great ideas – FOR ME! Shame no one will buy them for me

    1. Haha well if you like these ideas then you’re welcome to direct your friends and family to this blog post 😉

  5. These are some great ideas. I am pretty much finished with all my shopping so will have to remember these for next year!!

    1. I’m glad you liked them Ann. You can always also use any of these for anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions you have coming up.

  6. Vanessa, what an awesome guide! Original ideas I’ve never seen before! I have my eye on the OzHarvest cookbook and the Knotlaces!

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

  7. The cookbook and necklace a totally me! Fabulous gift guide x

    1. Thanks Alicia, I hope you like them!

  8. I love the knotlace idea. Quirky and unique.

    1. It looks great – I very rarely wear jewellery but it’s the sort of thing that would make me want to.

  9. well this is a refreshing gift guide. I love everything. I don’t need anymore baby bags but like to look at them. And that OzHarvest book sounds like a great gift idea with double the benefit!

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I love gifts like OzHarvest – double benefits is exactly the right way to describe it.

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  11. I love the Beer Cartel idea! That is perfect for my husband. I love just looking at the cool bottles of boutique beers. Also that Scrubba thing pricked my ears up. Going to have to look into that one. Thanks!

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