The X-Files MiniSeries

Spoilers for the new mini series episodes of The X-Files, uh obviously. 

That probably means spoilers for every other season too.

And, if you read this, you’ll see why, but spoilers for both the Firefly and Stargate universes, too.


While it’s possible The X-Files were on TV sometime while I was growing up, the only incarnation of it that I’ve ever actively watched is the second movie, “I Want To Believe”. I was a bit hesitant to bother to even watch that movie, figuring I would need to watch the series to really “get” it. But I was really pleasantly surprised by the movie and it made me want to watch more.


So when I heard there was going to be a 6 episode mini series, I was pretty hooked on the idea of watching it.


Side note: This is the first time in many years that I’ve had to actually wait a week between new episodes of something. It’s so old-school! I miss and don’t miss the hanging out each week for something I’m really looking forward to.


Because I had a feeling I was going to go back and watch The X-Files from the beginning, I wanted to record my thoughts of the mini series to see how they might change if/when I go back and watch everything from the start. Therefore, this entire post about the mini series is written from the perspective of someone who has only seen “I Want To Believe” as the background to the series. Some are in-depth thoughts as I was watching it, other parts are just notes of what stood out to me. This is mostly for my own reference when I rewatch, though of course your comments are welcome!


The X-Files MiniSeries


Part 1

It was a really good intro to ground new (or possibly old casual) viewers to the show. I didn’t know The X-Files was a government department. It gave a good grounding.


The phone call: who calls someone to talk about a world changing event, then has a hissy fit & says they can’t talk. Dude, you made the phone call! Don’t call if you can’t talk. It felt a bit faux drama to me.


Repeating lines “because we have a child together”. Does not feel like a conversation, feels like written for trailers because the context of a conversation wouldn’t be needed to draw in interest to the show. Soundbite to make sure the shippers watch the mini series? Would shippers need motivation to watch?


Having said that, what little I do know of the show is that the shippers are huge, so people would likely start with a squee with anticipation before wondering if that meant with someone else outside of the main OTP for this show – if it meant that maybe in the trailers you didn’t know who Scully was talking to?


The scene where they talk about the global conspiracies felt like they were just listing conspiracy theories as fact rather than tying them together & using analysis with evidence. It’s like they wanted it to be technobabble but since there is no scientific basis for it, they just spoke as much as possible so that people would be impressed.


I had heard of a “smoking man” but didn’t know what the place in the mythology of the show was. Was a good hook to see him at the end of the first episode.


Part 2

Secure servers – accessed through this terminal. SO 90s.


Did they ever write social sciences in the original series?


Awkward worked for the bar gay scene.


“Lifestyle preferences” – cross around her neck in Part 1. I didn’t know a scientist paranomal researcher was religious. Interesting combination.


Part 3


The show is finally funny. I was wondering if it had this capacity and I was really pleasantly surprised by how funny it could be. It did feel like a bit of an off-balance show in terms of screen time for the two main characters, but I’ll be interested to re-watch it and see if it feels like equal development despite that.


Also, being somewhat anti-psychology (long story – but it’s not a “don’t get help” view I hold) I liked the line “Not everything can be reduced to psychology”.


Part 4


Scully’s mother dying. Calling him Fox at the beach.


Part 5


“Younger, hotter”. That was my immediate reaction. Like the SG1 spin off “joke” from 200.


Scully notices the names used? I wish I knew more about the series to understand the significance of when she calls Mulder Mulder & when she calls him Fox.


Also wondering if the swapping of ages/pairings will re-spark a tie up for the ship?


The ending with the song & the framing of full body lets you see the characters and the relationship vs the one head shots.


It made me cry because I can appreciate so much how the relationship is so much more than a discussion, it’s a culmination & the previews of the last episode make it look fast paced and like this is the last time you’ll ever get to see the two characters walk and talk and just be.


To kiss or not to kiss at the end: I feel like that was a big discussion for the writers and producers. The camera was framed for it or to let the audience think it will happen. Or they hadn’t decided yet at filming! Who knows. It will be so good to get the DVDs of this – fingers crossed they have audio commentary. Especially for this episode.


I love this episode so much because I knew what was going to happen most of the time and yet I thoroughly enjoying it. I was in and out of it at once, which is a really rare balance to find enjoyable.


Part 6


I was prepared. I had my phone ready to take notes. I was set up in my hammock. The show started…


The X-Files Mini Series


Finally, a tie in to the first episode!!


I’m not anti stand-alone episodes but I thought there would be a sliver of the storyline running through each episode, seeing as it’s only a 6 part season. Normally, it would be, uh, normal, to have episodes without the series arc but in only 6 it felt disjointed to me as a new viewer not to have the storyline in some way.


I like the background to Dana. Very good for a new viewer. Noticed the repeated “because we have a child together”.


SmallPox vaccine – oh god don’t give anti vaxxers ammo. Please be plausible deniability. Again, like 100 of SG-1. 


Harbinger – by stained glass religious Windows. A few times I’ve noticed words through this mini series that were very well chosen. 


I actually wondered for a short time if Agent Einstein was part of the conspiracy. Convincing Dana that what’s going on, isn’t. It didn’t really seem like a type of storyline The X-Files would use, but again, too new to know the series’ boundaries with how they piece together characters.


All have the same umbrellas. Almost Matrix-like. Not that I’ve seen The Matrix in a long time. Or particularly like The Matrix.


“This is unnecessary, Fox.” Which is what was said when Firefly was cancelled. Boom-tish!


So…I got dragged into the episode and stop writing notes after Mulder got to the Smoking Man.


And then they made a vaccine in what…half a day?


So we’re left to assume the vaccine works given the “give this to the doctors & they can make more”.


And then Scully goes to the congested bridge to find Mulder & a triangular space ship shows up, she looks bright eyed and THAT’S IT?


After thinking “fucking ad breaks” and then realising THAT WAS IT? WHAT IS THIS STRANGE OTHER TV SHOW? WHY ISN’T THERE MORE X-FILES ON MY TV SCREEN!? I started getting vibes.


Familiar vibes. Similarities between X-Files & Serenity, if you think about it. They both end with the public uncovering of a giant, deep, government conspiracy. I mean in Serenity it’s a very obvious and public uncovering, in The X-Files it’s implied by the type and scale of the disaster – if people don’t know now, they will know pretty soon after getting better.


So, The X-Files is over. Did you watch it? Did you watch it back when it was originally airing? What did you think of the ending? 


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  1. I didn’t even hear about the X files mini series until the second episode, so didn’t even start with it. I used to watch the tv show regularly each week for the first few years, but have never seen the end of the series, it’s one of those ones on my streaming watchlist

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Did you end up watching it? I think it was on the catch up websites/apps.

  2. Such a shame about The X-Files ending. I was annoyed with that ending…I thought it was an ad break too and then went WTF?! But I guess that’s typical X-Files. It’s the only sci-fi show I’ve loved and followed — have the entire box set and the movies. It wasn’t as great once Mulder left but still a good show.

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