Book Progress Post #1

Book Progress Post #1

Something I haven’t written or spoken about on social media recently is how I’m going with my book. And that’s because the answer is I haven’t done anything at all on it. I kind of want to blame software problems, but it’s also kind of unfair of me to blame the software when it’s me that doesn’t suit it, rather than the software being technically “bad”.


The problem I have is that I tried to write in a specific piece of software (Scrivener) and it’s only installed on one computer. When I get home from work I don’t always use that computer, so I never really open it, I never look at it, I never get a chance to be in the flow of knowing where I’m up to in the book. I need to edit in sections right now – to shuffle things around and get a feel for the progress of the book.



Book Progress Post #1


You see, I  have about 17,000 words. But they’re all over the place a lot of it’s disconnected stories. Which is fine, as to some degree the book will be like that. But I still need to find the thread the interconnects things in the best way, because then I’ll know where the gaps are and if I need to fill with more words. Or if I should take some stuff out of it! I need a rudder, to go all nautical on you.



Without knowing where I am I don’t know if I’m adding value or adding pulp filler stuff.


This weekend just gone, I finally had my weekend off (after five straight weekends of moving related hell) and I started googling cloud based alternatives to Scrivener. I’m currently trialing something called novelr. I’m in the free trial phase and only set it up on the weekend so obviously I don’t have a full review of it to give to you today, but so it far seems good. Basically cloud scrivener.


The main thing I found in looking for long form cloud writing software was make sure they let you export it at any time! It’s amazing to consider, but some don’t let you! So please be aware of that; you could get your work trapped in a platform an only exportable in a non editable format (eg epub or whatever it’s published in).


I would still like to publish the book in 2018. Moving somewhat unexpectedly has obviously put a little bit of a dent in how I’m going to pay for editors and fancy “little” things like that, but that’s not a reason to stop creating, stop editing it or generally stop working on it. Of course, I did start a Patreon if you want to help get it into a publishable state!


I also still get torn about how to release things. Because I don’t end up reading eBooks. I download them and put them on the kindle app or books app on my phone… and then I never look at them again. 


It’s one of those things where “they” say stop thinking about what you do and thinking about what your clients do. So, hello client! What do you do?


Do you read books on a computer screen/digital screen of any kind? Do you prefer physical books? Or are you a minimalist and physical books are worthless clutter to you? Or am I procrastinating writing and editing the book by asking you these questions? FYI – the last question has an answer that is highly likely “yes”.


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  1. It is such a commitment to write a book. Godo on you for starting. Maybe set little goals to help you complete it. After everything you have done – why not finish it. Go girl!!

    1. Oh it will be finished… but I am bad at tying dates to tasks! I don’t like it.

  2. I still prefer hard copies of books but I like to minimise them – so I either borrow them from the library or buy them and if it’s the latter, I try to pass them on to someone else so they can get some benefit from them. I hope you get to see your book in print (on paper or on screen) this year – how exciting!

    1. I hope so too! It doesn’t feel as coherent as it needs to right now, but it’s getting there.

  3. I applaud your start. I would also find it messy not to be able to access the program across all your computers. I have become an audible fan and have a monthly subscription. I only listen in the car and when I don’t like a book after starting it they allow returns and a new one to be selected.

    I have no advice for you, sorry, but I love that you are giving this a go. I started the memoir thingy of mine…one blog post at a time …and so far that is OK.

    Best wishes, Vanessa!
    Denyse x

  4. Well done on 17,000 words! That’s nothing to sneeze at. That’s a great start. The hardest part is to start so you’ve leaped over that hurdle with gusto. Keep going, You’ve got this.

    I am still a hard copy book kind of gal. I like the feel and smell of the pages. Reading is nostalgic for me. Takes me back to when I was a book worm and when I’d escape into amazing words as a child. Plus the hard copy buyers are who I rely on to clear out my garage of the thousands of Cheer Chick Charlie books in storage. But I’m sure that when I do finally convert to the iPad version for my own personal reading, I’ll probably never clutter up my joint with a hard copy again.

  5. I use both kindle and real books. I publish on kindle and ibooks, but have also done print on demand for my 3rd book – and will so again for my 4th. It also depends on your genre – my first 3 books were almost pure romance & romance readers read on digital formats, whereas the last (& this one) are more contemporary fiction & those readers are split between the 2. My suggestion for the thread is to try and attach one or 2 words to the theme of your book.

  6. You have made great strides and I am sure you have the tenacity to get there. I love my Kindle for travel but I do love the feel of a hard copy book, particularly if it is something really worth while reading. And I hate Amazon so I am trying to give up my Kindle reading and support Booktopia and my local library instead.

  7. You can do it! Good luck with the book. It’s something I’d like to do but I need a genius idea first. I still read hard copy books and prefer that. I don’t even own a kindle. #TeamLovinLife

  8. This is why I’m one of the few bloggers who has no interest in writing a book! 17,000 words is pretty impressive and it 16,500 more words than I have anywhere 🙂 I’m sure you’ll put your head down and make progress soon and I look forward to seeing the end result.

  9. I’m with Min, you can do it, Ness!

    SSG xxx

  10. I completely understand how challenging this can be. I’ve gotten nowhere on mine in years and it’s something I really thought I would have done by now.

    PS. I’ve got scrivener but don’t necessarily find it great. I probably should work out how to use it properly.

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