Being True To Yourself

Originally published in early September 2016 on Side Gig Life.


I’ve had a few people ask me when the podcast is starting. And while I am doing bits behind the scenes, I’m not looking to release until maybe late October. (NOTE: late 2016 or early 2017!)


Being True To Yourself


Being True To Yourself


Why is this? Why don’t I want to jump on this podcast and be doing ALL THE THINGS? (And recording ALL THE INTERVIEWS?) Well, I do want to. And as someone with extreme SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome), it is really, really hard to calmly wait to do something. Like really hard. It is not how I am wired.


The truth is that if I start it right now, it won’t be that good. And you’ll probably hear my current overwhelm in my voice. As people with a Side Gig Life, there are times we are overwhelmed. And we all learn to manage it in different ways. But right now, I am also sick with an end of winter lurgy on top of my full time job and part time postgrad studies. Blood test results came in and I also have low iron. That means it will take me another few weeks to start feeling better. And then my dog needed a cone of shame:


cone of shame


She’s also smart and can get the cone off, so has to be watched like a freaking hawk.


So why am I telling you this? Well, one, I’m actually kind of impressed with myself for being able to resist starting half-assed. It’s hard for me to control myself that much! However, the main point is that when you have a limited amount of time, you have to make choices. Right now I need to take care of my health. When uni has finished for the semester, I will have time freed up to focus on this podcast. And there is nothing wrong with this. I want to cover this in the podcast more, but I’m very anti-hustle. If I hustled now, I would do a bad job on everything and it wouldn’t help me get better. This is why I’m telling you. I think you need to be true to yourself. I am not a hustler.


How do you cope with waiting to start new projects?


9 Replies to “Being True To Yourself”

  1. Aaaah shiny new objects…I hear you. I’m a great starter, but not so good at finishing things- it’s about the distractions along the way, you see.

    1. I am getting better at not starting new things, which has been a major step, but now I need to follow up with finishing things…

  2. inthegoodbooksblog says: Reply

    I’m not very good at it if I’m honest!

    1. I think it takes a lot of time to really know what we want. And then of course it can change over time!

  3. I just over think everything and end up doing nothing as a result. I’m sure the podcast will be wonderful when you’re in a better place to start. Looking forward to listening.

    1. I’m good at the overthinking thing too.

  4. I’m a great starter, too! I’m kind-of surprising myself by keeping up with the class I’m taking! Hope you’re finally on the mend.

  5. Now that it is almost December 2016 I hope things are on the up and up. Thanks for linking up. Denyse. #lifethisweek

  6. Good on you for restraining yourself until you have the time, health and concentration levels to do the podcast justice. Not long to go now!!!

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