It’s Ok

It's Ok

Originally published on 1st July 2016 on Side Gig Life


Here’s the thing. If you work, study, have a side gig, a family, a social life, maybe even exercise sometimes… in the end, something ends up slipping.


And it’s OK.


It's Ok


Side Gig Life is not a site that is here to punish you for not being the worlds biggest hustler with the “overnight” success of the mythical six-figure business. Side Gig Life is for reality! And the reality is that we all slip, drip, fall, splash, win, wine, whine and generally clamber our way around life until we make things happen for ourselves.


So, the next time something slips and you feel a bit down about it, just remember to tell yourself that it’s ok.


How do you deal with it when something slips?



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