Why Bloggers Should Use A Notebook & Pen

Why Bloggers Should Use A Notebook & Pen

There are apps galore that will help you organise your thoughts. I used to use Evernote (now I use todoist) and the built-in Notes app on my iPhone. But they don’t always work for me. It’s a bit “low-tech”, but I think that bloggers should use a notebook & pen more than apps.


Why Bloggers Should Use A Notebook & Pen


Why Bloggers Should Use A Notebook & Pen


Let’s break this down a bit. Technology is wonderful, but it’s also a distraction-filled zone. Realistically, picking up my phone to note something down gives me pretty high odds of going on Twitter instead, or otherwise doing something that distracts me from completing my thought. I highly doubt I’m the only easily distractible blogger out there!


Pros to a notebook & pen:

  • There’s no processing time when you open a paper notebook
  • Paper notebooks don’t rely on internet connections
  • Notebooks have “loaded” your thoughts at all times
  • You can draw, sketch and write easily all in the same place


Cons to a notebook & pen:

  • It’s harder to keep your ideas organised
  • They’re heavier and/or additional to what you normally carry with you
  • It’s easy for them to get damaged/wet if you carry them on you all the time
  • You get addicted to pretty pretty notebooks and keep spending money on them


Which do you use – a notebook & pen or an app?


10 Replies to “Why Bloggers Should Use A Notebook & Pen”

  1. I’m a notebook and pen girl. I have heaps and heaps of notebooks and am always pulling old ones out to read through my ideas. There’s also something so satisfying about crossing off lists with a pen!

  2. I LOVE using a notebook and pen for organising my blog posts, it’s my favourite method. I used to even write out my posts by hand before typing them up, but now I skip that step. Nothing better than sitting in a cafe with a cappuccino, a pretty notepad and writing out my blogging ideas!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. I love writing posts with pen and paper, but often get so stuck in my head I forget the most obvious choices first. But I do love my bullet journal for organising my week ahead (although I do love Trello for organising the big stuff!)

  4. I’m definitely a pen & notebook girl. Love a good notebook…

  5. The only con that I find for a paper and pen, is that there’s no backspace. I can’t fix my spelling mistakes and the page looks like dog’s breakfast of cross-outs. Apart from that I do lots of my writing on paper. Especially at work, which makes me stick out like a sore thumb because everyone else does EVERYTHING on their laptop. Including taking notes.

  6. I’m a notebook and pen girl for everything but blogging! The irony.

    For some reason, I’m very focused when blog. I don’t leave my computer until I finish a post usually. Shame it’s not like this for other parts of my life!

    SSG xxx

  7. I like using notepads and pens!

    Using apps I’m like you and get so distracted and a quick note ends up being hours scrolling through IG or Pinterest!


  8. I use a notebook for all those little snippets of ideas that float into my head and might make blog posts one day. I’m a list maker and have all sorts of lists for blog series I’ve done or may do all tucked into the pages. It gets a bit scrappy but maybe that will be inspiration to start a new one someday.

  9. I use a note book and pen for planning, but write all of my blog posts and keep my blog post schedule on the computer.

  10. I use a notebook for art journalling. I do use a diary planner for my blog posts for Life This Week as that helps me see (I have to have an overview) of where I am at and where I need to plan more. In fact, it sits next to me at the computer and I will occasionally have an idea for a prompt and if it works, I pop it in somewhere in the list.
    Thanks for linking up for LifeThisWeek 41/52. Next week: Travel Tales.

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