Realities of Time Management

Originally published on Bloggers and Bacon in mid 2016


There is a certain sense of irony that I’ve been a really inconsistent blogger ever since releasing my eBook on Time Management. Whoops.


Realities of Time Management


Realities of Time Management


But to be fair (to, uh, me), and important part of time management (and one that serves you in all parts of life, not just blogging) is realising that as things change, so do your goals, time, and energy.


The first half of this year was taken up by a new full time job, which is usually a busy enough thing on its own. But I went and added a double-weighted postgrad uni subject to my workload. I’ve never studied anything in that much detail and at that level before.


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So, when your plans of blogging weekly (which were blogging daily when the blog started) have been drowned in neo-liberal economic development theory essays – well, that’s when you just do your best. Your best might not be the goal you set. But it is your best.


And your best changes with what you have on your plate. Life is not static, so don’t expect your time management to be static either!


How do you cope with changing priorities? Do you give yourself permission to accept the change and everything that goes with it?


17 Replies to “Realities of Time Management”

  1. I only blog once a week now and really happy with that. It is not what adds value to my job or my life but it is something I enjoy doing so I keep it up.

    1. Oh that’s really interesting – I would have thought it would be a really great thing for your business.

  2. I blog for IBOT, #LifethisWeek and #LovingLifeLinky and I’m having a bit of fun with #WeekendReflection. Sometimes they’re combined (one post for a few of them), so I vary between 1 and 4 posts a week, depending on my mood. I don’t think you need a set amount. I think you also have to think about what you are trying to say – will there be anything in it for the reader? If you’re just telling them what you did, is there much use for them to read it? So the frequency with which you blog is irrelevant, the message is.

    1. I sometimes like doing a “here’s what I’ve been up to”. Sometimes it bombs and other times people seem to really like it.

  3. I blog weekly now whereas I used to do 2, sometimes 3 posts a week. I just don’t have the time anymore! It was strangely hard to let go of.

    1. It’s an addiction 🙂 But a good one!

  4. I usually post twice a week and sometimes three times if I’m going to be a keen bean – I have definitely learn to roll with the punches and adapt to changing priorities. You can only do what you can do.

    1. And it’s so good to remind ourselves that times and weeks change and we can only do some things some weeks.

  5. I so did take a reality check when I realised I could no longer handle writing a post of the week but it had served its purpose and I was able to let it go.

    Nowadays I am shaking things up a bit. Definitely a post Mon for my linky and one for IBOT on Tuesdays. However, I made a theme for posts on Thursdays in July, :Just for July’ which was well-received and now added Appreciation in August and will extend into Sept. I like posting where there is a link up so at least I know my post is read once!!


    1. It is a big commitment to do every single day! Great writing experience is gained by it though.

  6. My blogging has reduced due to other commitments too and I’m okay with that. Last year, I was blogging 4 times a week and sometimes more. This year, I think I’m averaging 7 or 8 posts a month. It happens. And I like that we can go with the flow.

    1. 4+ per week is pretty impressive. But hard to maintain with things outside of blogging.

  7. I blog about once or twice a week, when I first started it was about three times a week. With baby coming soon everything’s about to change completely! I always believe that blogging needs to fit in around life, not the other way round.

    1. Very much so, and probably EXTRA so with a baby!

  8. Oh boy, I really hear this (as you might guess from the fact that it’s the Monday after you shared this post to IBOT and I’ve only just now gotten around to reading and commenting!). My time management when out the window during this commercial shoot I was assisting on, the only options were to let things go and not get down on myself for it and do the best I could, or live on 2 hours of sleep a night and work through the small hours. I think you know which is the better option and which one I chose!

    1. Yep, and that’s what you have to do sometimes!

  9. I’m struggling with this lately! I used to blog 2-3 times a week, now I’m lucky if it’s one! I’m trying not to be hard on myself though 🙂

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