Randoms 14

Randoms 14

Welcome back to the land of brain dumps. I have a bit to dump on you. Figuratively.


Randoms 14


Randoms 14



I was in Adelaide for my day job last week and I have questions about hotels. Not specific to the one I stayed in, as I don’t have any complaints about them. It’s more about how hotels in general “should” be a luxury above and beyond your house, and yet…

  • Why are the towels tiny? Give me a bath sheet!! I need something that fits around ALL of me, width and height.
  • What happens if steam from hot showers sets off the fire alarms and I have to evacuate in a bath towel? I’d flash EVERYONE EVERYTHING.
  • Why can’t I watch Netflix on your tv? Tiny laptop screen = boo.
  • Where was the EPG on the tv?
  • I missed my headpack badly. Why can’t hotel rooms have microwaves? Is it possible to be addicted to heat packs?
  • Also, what’s with the SUPER LUXURY BEDS AND BATHS but also haha fuck you, you have to pay $5 for water to drink? WATER. We all need it. Moreso than food ffs.
  • I miss my sunrise view at home. A carpark view is just not as nice.

Hotels are weird. Or maybe I just have it really good and hotels can’t beat that.


Hotel Bathtubs

OMG though the bathtub at the hotel. Perfect. I literally chose the hotel purely for the bathtub (focusing on as much non pharmacological pain relief as I can these days) and it was amazing for both luxury and pain relief. The first night of the conference we went straight to drinks (turns out the Adelaide Wine Centre has fantastic wine, who’da thunk it?) and I was so exhausted and everything hurt by the time I had walked back to the hotel.


I had a shower because I needed to wash my hair and I literally don’t know how to do anything but lounge in a bath, using it for cleaning yourself is weird to me. Really, like how do you do it? How do you rinse hair in static water and bending and I’m so confused.


Anyway, I had showered and then was flopped on the bed with Netflix on my laptop and pain wasn’t really subsiding but I didn’t want to take prescription meds. I decided to have a bath and omg it was so good for pain relief. I’m lucky that I’m at the point where that is an option for pain management sometimes.


Self Brag

I made a page for my books. Someone now pressure me into writing more. Actually, don’t. Pressure doesn’t make me do things. 


Not A Self Brag

I haven’t written a word since I published my books. Too much travel and life stuff and brain space is elsewhere right now. 


Half assed self brag?

I also finally tidied up my hire me page a bit more. Since I used to offer ALL THE THINGS, I’ve been trying to make it a bit clearer and simpler. And more in line with what I have the scope to work on. Which is pretty much non urgent tasks that I know well.


Cars 🙁

My car decided to tell me the engine was about to overheat this morning. Thankfully it was on a road where I could pull over! RACQ came, tried to clear the error but it started back up again straight away. The engine definitely wasn’t hot becuase the guy was touching it, but when the error repeated itself the roadside guy called a tow truck and my car is at the dealer (where I bought it and where it has a warranty) now. They couldn’t tell me if they would look at it today or if it would be covered under my warranty. The roadside guy’s opinion is that something electrical just needs to be reset and that there’s nothing mechanically wrong. 


What have you been up to? Any random news?


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  1. I always like your randoms – because they are so random. I ducked over and had a look at your book page (big tick) and am resisting the urge to tell you to start writing again. I laughed at the hotel bath thing – I too often choose a hotel on the basis of the bath and then end up not having time to use it! #teamlovinlife

  2. I love a hotel room bath and I love their beds. I’m with you – a bath is to luxuriate in. I’d never wash my hair in one for instance! Good move with the book page! It might get you motivated. Random news from me? Um …. cannot think of a thing but what’s the best that as soon as I click ‘post reply’ on this … then something will come to me! #TeamLovinLife

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