How To Follow Up With Brands After A Sponsored Post

Google has a lot of information on how to approach brands for sponsored posts and how to negotiate rates of pay. But what do you do after the sponsored post? Well, these are my tips on how to follow up with brands after a sponsored post.


Why follow up?


Technically, you might not be expected or “have” to follow up with a brand. After all, you’ve published the post, and that means your work is done, right? Not really. If you want to build an ongoing relationship with a brand, then it’s good business sense to let them know how that post tracked in your network. Basically, you need to let them know their ROI.


Following up with brands is also helpful for you. It means that you can give quantifiable evidence of your effectiveness as a blogger for the next brand that comes along.


When should I follow up?


This depends on the type of work you did with the brand. If it was a once-off sponsored post, then I would be contacting them the day the post goes live (just to make sure they know). Then I would contact them 2-3 weeks later with the summary of details.




What should I tell them?


The basic information that a brand may find useful includes:

  • Statistics – how many people clicked on that post
  • Clicks out – did many people click on the brand’s website or social media profiles?
  • Comments – how people engaged on the post. Did they like the product/service? Did they have any feedback for the brand?
  • Social media impressions – was the post shared on Facebook or retweeted on Twitter? Were the product pins a hit?


What information do you include in a follow up email with a brand after working with them?



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