2018 Review

I wasn’t planning on doing a 2018 review post of any kind, but while I was backing up a few things, curiosity got the better of me. And here we are.


2018 Review


This is what I can remember so far!


  • It was the first “normal” year of my life. That means I had no major health issues, a permanent job/income, and a semi-used gym membership.
  • We moved house (after 9+ years in a shithole, on basically one weeks notice).
  • I bought a new (to me) car.
  • I offered a variety of business services in 2018, and then my brain clicked and I started working doing something I really love, coaching, via Embrace Shiny.
  • I vlogged 7 or 8 times.
  • I recorded a season of a podcast that I haven’t released because I sound like a bored robot.
  • Made the switch away from free stock photo sites to using my own photos as stock images to reduce the risk of copyright issues.
  • Published my first (and so far only) post on Medium



  • I published over 50,000 words of blog posts over all my blogs.
  • I sent an additional 10,300 words to email subscribers (so yes, you are missing out on content if you don’t subscribe)
  • I’ve edited thousands of words OUT OF my book, Fuck Should.


Most Popular Posts 2018 (not necessarily published in 2018)


My favourite posts published in 2018


Tell me about your 2018!


3 Replies to “2018 Review”

  1. Oh wow…seeing people already reviewing their year is making me a bit anxious. I tend to reflect on it over the public holidays. I’m glad it was a relatively normal year for you and most importantly, you got out of the shithole. Great going on the coaching, the writing and blogging. Hope 2019 is awesome!

  2. I’ve just finished my wrap up post of the blog and will post tomorrow. You’ve achieved so much this year and congrats on the Medium post – it was a ripper of a read. Hope 2019 is happy, healthy and full of opportunities!

  3. You’ve had a huge year!! Well done xoxo I hope to have one of these kind of years next year. I WILL DO IT!

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