Episode 3 – Boundaries

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The NormalNess Podcast – Episode 3 – Boundaries


The NormalNess Podcast

A chat about how I’ve used boundaries this year to help me manage my health.


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I’m here today to talk to you quickly about boundaries. These aren’t the typical ones that get talked about in terms of relationships, although by all means they are important. But what I’m actually here to talk about today are boundaries when you’re in recovery from something. I was injured at the start this year, early this year in February. Since then, I also acquired a vitamin d deficiency. So I’ve had a lot of pain and fatigue all year long so far. I can’t wait for it to be over.


And hopefully I’ll keep getting better. But getting better is a very slow progress with these types of things in your area saved was to my shoulder and co significant pain, pain is incredible exhausted, I’ve received vitamin D deficiency, probably from the fact that I was in pain and wasn’t moving and wasn’t getting enough sun. Vitamin D deficiency, in my instance, presented itself as severe muscle fatigue, I would get home and I would be in agony, my muscles would just hurt. And you know, all the bands, heat packs, over the counter medicines in the world doesn’t basically just didn’t help much did them I was kind to myself a stretch to gentle and all the self care in the world. But doesn’t always fix things. I’m at the point now where I’m hoping and getting this glimmer what and hope that I’m getting better.


I know this because yesterday, I moved furniture. And today I’m not in pain, a little tired, I’m a little stiff. But I feel like I’m a normal person today, he wrote a little stiff after you move furniture, if it’s something that you don’t do every day. Of course, I might regret saying all this in a day or two, impassive painful it. But I don’t know where I’m at things I do feel like I’m about to turn a corner. But what I want to talk about is also that it’s really scary when you’re at this point, because when you’ve spent most of the year so far, dealing with intense pain and fatigue, you not only physically but also mentally worn out from it all.


So you don’t always want to try and push yourself further to find a new boundary to where I can’t if you’re getting better, because if you’re not, and you push it too far, then you are rebounding back to where you were of days of pain and not moving. And that certainly physically but again, mentally draining. So just boundaries is something that I just did so on the Find and people talk about them like they’re positive, and I completely believe they are. But there are instances where you need to push them. And mine in my case, it’s mostly physical, and it’s really hard to know where to push them.


Fear is a bit too strong of a word, because I think it’s quite sensible self protection from getting hurt. And as fatigued and miserable and stressed from it all as I was, but for lack of a better word, there was a fear of pushing too far. And that’s reasonable. And I guess in my instance of letting it be of what the about the boundaries be necessity. So I had to get this couch out of my house because I was running out of space to walk around. Thankfully, there was another house, I could put in a family member, and we moved it.


So I don’t know where this leads me. Boundaries are important. They’re important, though, to acknowledge them to work out why they are to know they can always be moving. And to know that then it is not cut and dry. You trust yourself on this stuff. And perhaps that’s the only thing I can suggest as a takeaway right now, whatever your boundary might be, whether it’s you know, physical walk might have been or some person that you need to have a band or non emotional relationship, whatever many type of boundaries they can be. Perhaps the thing is to know that it’s always going to be a bit of common go testing trial and error. And you get to decide when and where and how you’re comfortable to do that. Other people probably would have gone on the gym already in my state, and I tried that and I was not ready. I was not ready to go back to the gym. So keep that in mind. Boundaries are good, but they have to be negotiated what suits you. This is where you get to be selfish. It’s appropriate to be selfish and not harm yourself. 

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