Blogging And Being Weirdly Heartbroken

Blogging And Being Weirdly Heartbroken

I really wish people didn’t stop blogging. I was updating some old blog posts and clicked on the links in my comments… only to find most of the sites were gone. Domains bought up (I assume by opportunists) and being sat on by random websites. And it makes me weirdly heartbroken.


Blogging And Being Weirdly Heartbroken


Blogging And Being Weirdly Heartbroken


I don’t want to judge anyone for the stopping blogging. I trust that they are all adults and made a decision. But it doesn’t mean I don’t miss them. I know people say there are friends for a “reason, season or life” (or something to that effect, I’m too lazy to look up the correct words)… but I wish the seasons hadn’t ended. I’ve met so many wonderful people through blogging. Some of them I don’t speak to anymore because we fell out of contact. Some I do speak to but in other platforms, as friends first rather than bloggers first. Others seem to have disappeared from the face of the planet.


I guess I felt really nostalgic when looking through old blog posts. I miss the excitement of seeing bloggers every year in person at conferences. I miss learning about new bloggers (though I’m sure that still happens and I need to get better at finding people). I don’t think it’s because the “heyday” has passed – websites and blogs will always exist and I will loudly snore in your face if you say blogging is dead. 


I feel like seeing all the dead websites made me both sad and smile at the same time. Smile for the memories, be sad that I can’t connect with some of the people anymore. I knew there were lots of dead sites – but wow – one day I ran a broken link checker and 99% of the results were from bloggers who had commented on a post. Really brought it home in some stark numbers.


Life sure can be a muddy puddle sometimes. 

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  1. I would have felt sad about this too. The blogging connections I’ve made are very precious to me. They keep me blogging in the times when it would be easy to give up. #lifethisweek

  2. I’ve been feeling a bit the same. I’m not very active anymore but still have the site and still post every now and then. But life totally gets in the way. I miss my friends in the computer. But I’m also still grateful for the friends I still have in the computer, even if they’re Facebook friends now instead of blogging friends.
    And I agree that blogging isn’t dead, but in many spaces it evolved into something I don’t want to do. The chasing and rebranding to find new likes and clicks and… it’s too much. I’m happy with my tiny little corner of the internet.

  3. Ness
    Thanks for bringing this up. There’s days I do feel like quitting, that what I have to say about my life right now is boring and predictable. However, the interaction and bond we have through the weekly blog links keep me going. Writing also keeps me positive, hopeful and curious.

    So I’ve gotta keep on keeping on!

    SSG xxx

  4. I know what you mean. I have occasionally gone down that rabbit hole of checking on past people and feeling sad that their websites no longer exist. There’s very few of us left from back in the day. 🙁 I miss those times but I’m also grateful for the connections they provided and some of the new ones that continue

  5. I understand this very well. In all the years I’ve been blogging, so many have disappeared for various reasons and it’s like a form of grieving for them isn’t it? I enjoy making connections and couldn’t imagine what my life would be like if I wasn’t blogging anymore. I value all my computer friends immensely! #lifethisweek

  6. It has changed a lot. All the link ups have gone too. I was involved with some in the UK and they’re all petering out too. It’s weird because it was such a strong force and routine in the beginning.

    1. Hello! Waving from my link up!!

  7. There’s lots of bloggers who’ve disappeared and I find it sad too. They start with such lofty ambitions – the loftier they are the harder and more quickly they seem to fall. I look back at the links to blog parties I hosted and so many have faded away. They just stopped writing one day and never started again.
    I’m coming up to 6 years now and have slowed down to one post a week, but still love it and the friends I’ve made are beyond precious.

  8. I love the connections I make with blogging – it’s what keeps me going. I looked at an old blogroll the other day and these days there are very few of them I still look at – most have stopped. It occurred to me that most of these fell into the categories that a while back were competing for the competitions etc and I obviously followed along. There was never a real connection made though.

  9. I’m coming up to 4 years of blogging now. I still enjoy it and love the connections I make with blogging. #lifethisweek

  10. I feel ya! As sad as I am for the people that I miss, I’m super grateful for the friends in my computer, I’m so pleased that blogging enabled our paths to cross. But I do miss the good old days, they were SO good!

  11. Hello, I’ve been blogging for 2 years now and love the connections I’ve made already. I love the link parties, and I use them partly to find new bloggers (new to me, if not new to blogging!). To be honest, I’ve thought about stopping blogging due to the cost of hosting, but have decided (and convinced my husband) that it’s an important part of my life now, and there’s no way I can stop!

  12. I know how you feel. When the blogs just suddenly stop I am left wondering and worrying what has happened in their life. (I’m a bit of a worrier.) One blogger I follow disappeared for about 18 months then they returned saying they had some trauma in their life and needed a break. It was so good to reconnect again.

  13. I really understand so much of this. I too miss many of the bloggers and the connections but in so many ways, remain in touch thanks to good old social media. However, all connections are a two-way street and I still do my best to keep to that rule. My link up is one I like having because without it, I would not have regular catch ups. There are now people who join the link up that were never part of “the back when the conferences gave us a chance to meet up”. Many bloggers from then have indeed taken their blogs and writing to different levels such as writing for others and books etc.
    I will continue to blog as I NEED to have an outlet for recording my thoughts and progress in my cancer recovery and also completing my life story in the form I have here on the blog.
    I am incredibly grateful that at least 12 or more people link up each week and I count them as friends too!
    Thank you for linking up this week for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is 36/51 Taking Stock #4 7.9.2020 and I hope to see you there too. Take care, stay safe and well. Denyse.

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