How Can I Up My Hustle Game?

How Can I Up My Hustle Game

We all know that hustling is the lifeblood of the twenty-teens and twenty-twenties. If you’re not hustling, you’re a lazy nobody.


Here people (aka no one) sometimes contact me to ask me for more details on how they can improve in many different aspects of their lives.


You’d think there are very few ways you can up your hustle game. I mean, if you’re a real hustler, you probably have 6 jobs, 10 businesses and an air of self importance that can only be matched by a failing politician.


But wait, there’s more.


There are more ways to up your hustle game:

  • “Eat” only liquid food so you don’t waste time chewing.
  • (Bonus, fewer dental visits from wearing teeth down on pesky food.)
  • Get a catheter so you don’t have to take pesky urination breaks.
  • Set yourself a timer for needing to poop. If your poop can’t poop in the time allowed, give it a stern talking to about how it’s letting the team down.


If you aren’t feeling motivated to up your hustle game right now, think of a man in a top hat laughing at you for what you naively think of as hustling to the max. Then give your poop the talking-to that it has needed for a long time.


How Can I Up My Hustle Game

8 Replies to “How Can I Up My Hustle Game?”

  1. I loved this. You’ve given me a good laugh

    1. Thanks 🙂

  2. Sleep is for the weak too, right? Pop some match sticks in your eyes while you berate your poop. So ner, top hat man! LOL

    1. Yeah!! Matchsticks for the win!

  3. Ha ha, very funny!

    I had to do a mostly-liquid diet for two weeks before and after some surgery recently. It was good for weightloss. It did get somewhat boring though. (It was fine when I was in the temp job as I was occupied all day, but later when home… boring!)

    1. I can’t do liquids … keep it for when I medically have to. It’s a pet peeve that when you ask for breakfast suggestions everyone says smoothies… yuck.

  4. yeah nah to the dietary advice!!

    Thanks for sharing the post for Life This Week. Loved reading yours. Next week’s optional prompt is Self Care Stories. Hope to see you there too. Denyse

    1. But my dietary advice is so good 🙂

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