Patreon Update

Patreon Update

You may be aware that I launched a Patreon page earlier this year. After thinking about it for a few months, I’m changing things up a little. I’ve been uncertain how I feel about paywalling my content for a while. I have conflicting thoughts.


  • I don’t believe a creator should have to give everything away for free
  • I do believe it’s awesome when someone chooses to financially support you in any way
  • I don’t think most people are all that into the tiers/rewards as the blog posts make it out to be
  • I’ve never been a big blogger or “go viral” person, so spending lots of time on small bits of income is never something I should consider as a workable model.


This means I need to put less effort into Patreon. I don’t want to cease it but I need to spend my time on it in a more proportional way.


From now on my Patreon will be an early release model. You’ll get posts before others, possibly with some exclusive content that is better paywalled. I’ll also be changing my tier structure to what is known as a Patreon version of a pay what you want model. 


This means that you will get the same rewards for any amount. If you can support me a little, that’s great. If you can support me a lot, that’s also great. I feel that this is the best type of option for me right now. 


The thing that feels like absolute torture some days is that I want to do all  he things thanks to a combination of ADHD and having a diverse work history, but the pain and fatigue from pain limits me a lot. It has been an ongoing issue. This means I have to spend my spoons wisely and that’s what is behind this change.


Patreon Update

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