Empower Does Not Equal Outsource

Empower Does Not Equal Outsource

I jumped in a twitter conversation and found a really good distinction that seems to come up in disability/chronic/however the fuck you identify life. The concept isn’t new but the wording made it much clearer for me. 


People always want to empower you to do more, but don’t want to remove barriers. You should just overcome them. 


First tweet says:

“Their accessibility and inclusion policy read like ableist trash. “empower” and “find a way”. How about just don’t be ableist and discriminatory, there, solved. 

My reply says:

New saying: Empower doesn’t mean outsourcing the accessibility to an individual. 


It’s a more succinct way of putting what I was recently talking about here, having to come up with my own solutions all the bloody time. 


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Empower Does Not Equal Outsource

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  1. It feels like inspiration p*rn. Like do this thing so we can all clap and celebrate how you’re not like those other clearly lazy disabled people.

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