Employment Greed

Employment Greed

Have you seen that Twitter is mad a Meta for launching a competing app, Threads? It seems that Meta hired staff that Twitter fired.


Which brings me to… selfish companies!


I’ve never understood why non compete clauses for employees are legal.


Employers always want to hire you with the exact same job as your most recent role. Employers also don’t want you taking knowledge elsewhere.


You can’t have it both ways! So greedy.


I think if you have e.g. a 6 month clause where you can’t work for a competitor or yourself, the employer should be paying the employee to not work for those 6 months. Seems reasonable to me.


  • If you complied with a 6 month gap between working for a competitor by not working, you’d look “bad” because you have a career gap.
  • If you complied with a 6 month gap by being a delivery driver for a while instead of being a software engineer, you’d also look “bad” for having a non linear career.


It’s almost like it’s one-sided… nah, can’t be that /sarcasm


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Employment Greed

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