Cognitive Fatigue and Communication Preferences

Cognitive Fatigue and Communication Preferences

Take a look at the second slide on this Instagram post.


Embedded and screenshot versions are below, with the text transcribed below both image options:


Being social; I really want to, but talking and engaging in conversations can drain me of energy


The post says “Being social; I really want to, but talking and engaging in conversations can drain me of energy”


It is very difficult for me to process “live” conversations anymore.


It’s not something I share often as I have a lack of confidence in it being respected. Mostly because I’ve never seen communication preference be accepted and respected.


My cognitive issues have varies a lot post covid. I couldn’t read for ages – a few pages per day, at most. When I started LDN it cleared a lot of that up for me. LDN helped me cognitively but not physically. FYI doctors don’t really help you with this, you’re just kind of left to suffer on your own. 


I’ve regained the ability to do “intellectual” work. Cognitively challenging work. Mostly I can do this only at my own pace, but that hasn’t been too much of a challenge because the benefit (?) of ADHD has been that I am used to a bit of a boom and bust cycle of working. It’s also now very important to manage my boom cycles because of the increase of ME/CFS symptoms (or perhaps it should be phrased as decrease in functionality due to increase of ME/CFS symptoms?) that I’ve had since my covid infection. Yeah, it’s a shit storm of a balancing act.


Mental processing of conversations takes hours to recover from. It’s SO MUCH cognitive energy.


It’s also why Normal Systems is being set up to be asynchronous work only; so I can work how my brain (cognitive fatigue) and body (unpredictable chronic pain) needs to work to be sustainable. I recently started a LinkedIn page for Normal Systems and I’ve got a post scheduled that talks about this a bit. And because it’s LinkedIn which means business world which means they inexplicably think meetings all have value, I’ve taken it a step further to explicitly say NO MEETINGS. My business, my rules.


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Cognitive Fatigue and Communication Preferences

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