Stop Stealing My Spoons

Stop Stealing My Spoons

What are spoons? They’re a way of explaining how limited energy can be. Some people hate the analogy, some people like the analogy, but I don’t really care who likes or hates it because it’s just one theory/explanation/analogy, for fucks sake. How spoonies have the energy to argue about spoons is beyond me. Anyway, the original post is here and a good graphical summary is here.


Anyway, here’s some examples of where people steal my spoons. They’re unintentionally themed around pharmacies, which I guess makes sense as doctors and pharmacies are two of my maybe three reasons to leave the house. FYI I’m not looking for advice so don’t give any in the comments.


One is a medication my husband takes that is in short supply. We have a spreadsheet of 30-35 local chemists and take turns calling them when it’s time to get a refill. Every month, this is hours of work. Then, if we’re lucky enough to find one in stock, we have to drop everything and go there immediately. Often it’ll be a pharmacy at the edge of my comfortable driving range, which means I can’t do any other out of the house things (or some in house things) for days as it’ll cause a flare. It’s out of stock for no good medical reason, it’s for reasons of corporate incompetence. And yet I’m not able to bill the lousy fucking drug manufacturers for the spoons they steal from me every month. Hours of work. Tons of spoons stolen that I can’t use on other things.


Another one was the pharmacy I have no choice but to go to (only compounding one in my driving/flare distance) who randomly take fifty fucking years (half an hour) to fill basic scripts. They’re always well staffed so I don’t understand what takes them so fucking long. Half an hour of sitting (and there’s no internet coverage where the chairs are) and waiting just cos they work slowly is wasting my spoons. It’s physically and mentally tiring. Them being slow to press print on some fucking labels steals my spoons.


Some chronically ill people I follow online live in the US where they have this magical thing I desperately want – drive through pharmacies. OMG. Drive through everything is accessibility for me. And they do things like message you or alert you in an app when it’s ready for pick up so there are no guessing games. Seriously – this stuff shouldn’t be optional.


Anyway, I have wild fantasies about not having my spoons stolen through corporate incompetence one day.


Stop Stealing My Spoons

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