Actions Speak Louder Than Words… Or do they?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words... Or do they?

What happens when you lose the ability to take action? Are you denigrating words? 


It’s much like eons ago when I saw supposedly wonderful disability activists shitting on people who couldn’t go to in person protests. Apparently using “only” a keyboard is “slacktivism”. (This was a long time ago when I wrongly assumed all advocates were good people.)


Since then I’ve not only learned that activism doesn’t mean you’re a good person, but also that lateral ableism exists. 


And that most people, disabled people included, don’t seem to understand that fatigue can be debilitating. 


When exactly did we decide that words aren’t valuable? Worlds have been changed by words. Look at words (and books) held dear to many people. Are they also worthless? 


Character is not the things you do. It’s who you are as you do things. 



This is not a post with a tidy wrap up answer. It’s a question for you to consider; when you say this phrase, who are you excluding? 


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Actions Speak Louder Than Words… Or do they?

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