Meditating isn’t something that comes easily to me. And I still hear the word and think it’s a bit wankery. But that touches on other issues that are too complicated to go into here.


We had to meditate in a class at school a few times. I think the first time was a once off, in art, to get inspiration for some assignment. I was bored out of my brains.


Then, at a different school, we had to meditate in religion class. That was such a spectacular failure for me that I got kicked out of the religion class. Yep, Catholic schools will kick fully indoctrinated (inducted?) people out of their religion classes. And out of their schools. Never mind, a Wikipedia article will teach you more about religion than I ever learned in 9 years of Catholic schooling.


Perhaps these are all signs that a random GP I saw last year was correct in saying I may have ADD. Or ADHD. Or whatever it’s called.


Whatever the reason may be, I struggle to meditate.


I’ve written before about music speaking to me.


One of the few ways I can get a few minutes of “meditating” is by listening to a few select songs. One of those is “Sullivan Street” by Counting Crows.


The closest I come to meditating is being on an hour-ish long bus trip with my noise cancelling headphones, putting the song on, closing my eyes and letting the music and the rocking of the bus clear my mind for a few minutes. Four minutes and twenty-nine seconds, to be exact.
Do you meditate? How? Any tips for those who struggle with it?


Do you struggle to use the word meditate without thinking you sound like a wanker?


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  1. I haven’t heard Sullivan street (that I’m aware of)… Will see if I have it on the computer!
    I like meditating but I’m hopeless and making the time to do it. I’m not very good at it but I do feel better after I’ve spent a bit of time just being. My hubby loves it, got into it a couple of years ago and I can absolutely see an improvement in his general coping and levels of anxiety when he meditates regularly!

    1. I think it’s one of those things that you have to find how it works for you – but that’s easier said than done.

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