12 Days of Blogging Christmas: Day 11 – Behind the Scenes

12DBC Behind The Scenes

Welcome back for the penultimate instalment of 12 Days of Blogging Christmas. You can read more in the previous posts:

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Who doesn’t love a Behind the Scenes segment? There’s a reason they’re still on DVDs, they’re popular! (Or no one has measured that no one watches them, but I’m choosing to ignore that option.)

12DBC Behind The Scenes


A behind the scenes post can be whatever you want it to be. It can be as simple as a photo post of the desk you work at, or as complex as a tutorial of your workflow for an activity.

Behind the Scenes Shot
Blogging on my laptop while watching My Name Is Earl.

Blogging, like many work at home jobs, can be a little isolating at times. The idea of sharing the desk you work, and inviting your readers to do the same, is a great way of building community.


Have you ever shared a Behind The Scenes photo or post? 

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