Sleep deprivation

I wanted to write a post about the strange crap that flows through my mind when I’m sleep deprived.

I was mulling the concept while waiting for a bus to work this morning. Only, in my mullings, I called it dep-prevation.

Also, is mullings a word?

So anyway, I got on the bus & saw a girl using her phone. I freaked out in my head & thought “OMG! Isn’t this a quiet carriage?!”

Clearly I get trains too often.

Also, this is what the bus seat fabric looks like:


Not actually related to sleep derivation, but not a thought a normal person has, people seem to like the “wheel” seats now. No! That was my little secret!

If you have a wheel seat, your legs are up a bit higher & they form a convenient table so your bag doesn’t have to touch the dirty bus floor!

This is a wheel seat. R-L: aisle, normal floor, wheel bit. Yep. Technical!


This also gives the impression that you’re very uncomfortable & resigned to your lousy spot on the bus so no one sits next to you until it’s absolutely necessary. Double win!

Also, I’m glad I snapped those photos before the bus started filling up.

Some woman just walked past me jangling. Not just like some tiny charm bracelet. She sounds (and looks) like a freaking wind chime. I feel sorry for whoever sits next to her at work all day.

Now I’m thinking about ears. The person in front of me has her hair up & the back of her ears are very visible. It’s not often you see the back of someone’s ears. I don’t know who would have seen mine last. I hate having my hair up (long story) so my ears are the hairband for my hair.

So, after reading this, are you as strange as me when you’re sleep deprived?

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  1. I’m going to go with… No :). But I do like this stream-of-consciousness post. You have a point about eats. I’m going to go wash behind mine right now 🙂
    You can sleep tonight, yay!

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