As I posted recently, I’ve been a bit crappy & run down for most of June. I woke up feeling really crappy again so I took the day off work & went to my GP.

Last week when I was really sick I’d been to the “cattle call” free clinic. I don’t like going there because there’s no continuity of care, but sometimes the budget dictates you go to a free GP. Especially if you’re a casual employee, like me. But if the free clinic fails (I think it’s 50/50), then I go to my preferred GP (or, like today, his regular locum) & invest the $70 in my health.

Today I got more antibiotics. This flu/sinus infection is one persistent little bastard.

I was discussing decongestants with the doctor & mentioned that all the over the counter & prescription medicines I’d had last week barely decongested me.

My cocktail of meds last week, plus antibiotics:


Seeing as nothing had worked to decongest me, the doctor suggested steaming would be the most effective. And I’ve got to say, hot showers have been the most effective so far! Crazy how first line defence is drugs and last is basic…

Out of the two nasal sprays pictured above, the one I found most effective was the saline spray. The medicated one did squat on me, even though it’s apparently quite a good one.

The other interesting comment was when I was explaining that the pseudoephadrine I was given last week made me fall asleep. At the time of purchase, the chemist was warning me not to take it after 4pm, otherwise I’d be up all night. The GP made an offhand comment that maybe I have ADHD if stimulants work on me that way. I did some ADHD Dr Google “research” later, but at most, I only have half the symptoms. Still, it’s an interesting thought.

I have a love/hate relationship with medicine…it’s interesting, but I find it hard to trust any doctor, even “good” ones.

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