Bright Monday: Travel Bright

Bright Monday Travel Bright

This weekend was one of my biggest weaknesses. The Zelows carpark sale.


I can’t resist a good bargain.


I’m actually looking to get rid of some bags I don’t really use, just to de-clutter a bit more. So I ended up standing in front of the suitcases.


As much as I love my purple suitcase, I’ve been wanting a 4-wheeled one for that little bit of extra convenience. I know, first world problem, right?

These little wheels sold me.
These little wheels sold me.


I chose the bright pink suitcase over the black one in the same style, purely for the convenience of finding it in baggage claims areas! And then I realised how well it went with the yellow tote I bought recently.


Bright Monday Travel Bright


Bright and funky and portable.


Now I need a holiday to use these!!


Do you like your luggage? Can you easily recognise it in a baggage claim area?


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