12 Days of Blogging Christmas: Day 5 – Newsletters

12DBC Newsletters

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Today, day 5, I’m talking about Newsletters in the consideration of what you may or may not be doing during a quiet/absent blogging time. Newsletters are still considered a key strategy in monetisation of blogs. But more than that, newsletters have endured the test of time because you have full control over the content and distribution. Compare this to something like Facebook, where page algorithms are constantly changing and eyeballs on posts can’t be regularly relied on.


12DBC Newsletters


Honestly, when I sat down to think about how to cover newsletters in time off from blogging , my first thought was that something does have to go during this time. When you’re not online all the time (or at your usual rate), it’s inevitable that something will slip through the cracks. So instead of being too busy and forgetting something, you should choose what goes. And newsletters seemed like something that are easier to skip, purely because less eyes go on them than to your blog itself.


So, for those reasons, it may be a good idea to take the pressure off yourself and skip an edition of your newsletter. Seeing as newsletters are usually your standard (or featured) posts plus new information, this is one less thing to worry about.


If you really want to keep consistency, then use this opportunity to share the love and give back. Link to and talk about some charities you support. Do an extended blogroll of other sites you like to read. Use some ideas from Day 2 – Break the Editorial Schedule here.


However, ignoring or skipping an edition of your newsletter may not be an option for you if many of your sales or hits come from it. In which case, I would put more effort into pre-writing and scheduling content for the newsletter. Maybe even prioritise it above your blog posts if the newsletter is central to your blogging strategy.


Do you still send out newsletters when you’re on a blogging break? If so, does the content you put in them change?


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