12 Days of Blogging Christmas: Day 7 – Case Study

12DBC Case Study

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Like yesterday’s post, today’s has the same theme that sharing knowledge is a good thing. Case studies area an easy way of showcasing examples of theories or best practices.


12DBC Case Study



Case study is more in depth than an interview and it has research as well, to back up what you’re talking about.


A key consideration here is if you conduct a case study with or without the input of the subject. Personally, I will link to other sites for good information without letting them know (sometimes I just forget!). I do mentally analyse many other bloggers sites and strategies, because, well that just what I’m interested in (and analysing a blogger or website is the perspective I’m writing this post from).


I don’t feel comfortable doing an in depth case study of one person/blog without them knowing. Especially in blogging, which is such a small community and where you’ve probably also met the person you’re studying! I have a feeling that this is one of those things that was rammed into me so much at uni when we did practical observational research classes that the first thing I do when considering any kind of research on a person is tick through “what would the ethics committee say?” in my head.


But aside from the ethics debate, I think there’s a more valuable reason for involving the person in your case study – they can give you feedback as to whether your analysis touched on their reasons for a choice of post or strategy. Once again, you’re also helping someone out by giving them constructive criticism on their blog and introducing new readers to their blog.


As with many of the topics I’ve covered on the 12 Days of Blogging Christmas, don’t choose a controversial topic if you’re going to be away and unable to moderate the reaction. It just won’t work!


Have you ever conducted a case study for your blog? 


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